For those of you who know who AZCAL is, this is something you’ve probably known about for a while. For those who don’t let me introduce you to the Arizona Coalition for Assisted Living (AZCAL).

AZCAL has been around for quite a few years. Mostly, it has been a volunteer operation meant to keep the largest group of assisted living providers in the know about things that are happening in the industry. In those first years, there have been many calls to make AZCAL a stronger presence. Assisted Living Homes (facilities that provide services to 10 or fewer individuals) make up the large majority of assisted living facilities in Arizona with a rough count of 1700 statewide. For comparison, there are a little more than 250 assisted living centers in the state (centers treat 11 or more residents).

Although many of the centers treat upward of 100 residents or more and many times offer individual or shared resident apartments, not everyone can afford this level of facility. Many people need services and are more likely to live in an assisted living home, which is commonly found in residential neighborhoods.

AZCAL does not discriminate against any assisted living facility; however, AZCAL does understand that assisted living homes have fewer resources and much less capital than the centers. This is why AZCAL exists. AZCAL is here to allow the owners of these assisted living homes to organize and make their voices heard. We keep a list of networked service providers that can help each other succeed. On top of that, AZCAL members are able to reach out to each other for help when otherwise, help would seem impossible to get.

Fortunately, AZCAL has leveraged its position within the industry to impact how assisted living homes are viewed and treated. This is why we are relaunching Monday, November 9, 2015. We have brought on more volunteer manpower for the purpose of strengthening AZCAL. AZCAL will beginning offering memberships to owners, residents, families, and anyone else interested in joining the cause to aid assisted living homes in becoming the best providers they can be.

So, come to our website at and see what we are about. When you see our basics and become a member of the association, you will have access to much more, including the ability to communicate directly with assisted living providers statewide.

Just in case, feel free to get in contact with us:


Join the AZCAL Relaunch on Monday, November 9, 2015